Image: Canewdon village sign licenced at https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Canewdon_sign.jpg

It is 1967 in the rural village of Canewdon, in the flat county of Essex, a child is born.

A boy child. A quite unremarkable boy child. Born to quite unremarkable parents.

1968. He was still unbaptised when he took sick. Very sick.

The unremarkable parents rushed him to hospital where he sickened more and died and survived.

And died and survived again.

And died and survived a third time.

He recovered and the unremarkable parents took their unremarkable child home.

They looked upon the boy and pronounced him an ugly changeling.

Changeling or not, join me in the life and adventures of that child all growed up.

Jamie Godsafe

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